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Go Mobile with Delphi Forums

Delphi Forums Mobile makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your favorite online communities on the go. No app or other download is required. You will automatically see the mobile version of the site when using most mobile devices. You can always go directly to Delphi Forums Mobile at

Getting Started

Most mobile devices will be recognized as such and will automatically get our mobile interface. To ensure you get the mobile interface, go to

You can find forums using the search box, or see lists of forums using the Top Forums and Browse by Category buttons. To log in, click the Login button and enter your username and password.

After logging in, you'll be presented with a mobile version of your My Forums page. Click on the My Forums bar to see your owned, favorite, and recently visited forums. Click on the plus sign to expand each list. The number to the right of the forum name tells you how many new messages (if any) have been posted since your last visit. Click on the forum name to visit the forum.

Getting Around

Wherever you go, you'll see the blue strip with the Delphi Forums logo at the top of the page. You can always click on the logo to get back to your My Forums page (or the home page if you're not logged in).

To the left of the logo, you'll see a search button. Clicking it will give you the option to search for forums, and if you're in a forum, it will also give you the option to search for messages in the forum.

To the right of the logo, you'll find the menu button. Click on it to view a menu of options available to you for the screen you're on.

No matter where you are, you'll get the Main Menu:

Home/My Forums - Displays your My Forums page, or the home page if you're not logged in.
Help - Brings you to this page.
Full Site - Displays the full desktop home page.
Logout - Logs you out. (If you are logged out, the Login option will be displayed at the top of this list.)

If you're in a forum, you'll also get the Forum Menu:

Discussion List - Displays the list of discussions with unread messages.
Forum Start Page - Displays the "home page" of the forum.
About this Forum - Displays forum statistics and the name of the host.
Add to My Forums - Adds the current forums to the list of favorite forums on your My Forums page.
If you have the required privileges, you'll also see a link to the forum control center in this menu.

If you're viewing a discussion within a forum, you'll also get the Discussion Menu:

This menu tells you which folder the discussion is in, whether the folder is public or private, who started the discussion, and how many people have viewed it. You can also set your interest level in the discussion here.

Exploring Forums

Again, you can always click on the Delphi Forums logo to get to your My Forums page (or the home page, if you're not logged in). From there, just click on a forum to visit it.

Wherever you are in a forum, you'll see the forum name under the Delphi Forums logo. If you ever want to get back to the list of discussions with unread messages, just click on the forum name. To start a new discussion, click on the button to the right of the forum name.

When you first enter a forum, you'll see a list of unread messages. If you want a different view of the discussion list, click the funnel icon under the post button. This will give you the option to view all discussions, sort messages by date, see only new messages posted to you, etc. You can also view messages sorted by folder.

To read a discussion, simply click on the discussion title. To read through the discussion scroll through the messages. At the bottom of the page, use the arrows to navigate through the message stream. If you're at the end of the current thread, you'll see a Next Discussion arrow, which will take you to the next discussion in the current view.

To reply to a message, click on the arrow in the message header. To access other message options, click on the button to the left of the reply button. This will show you the message/thread ID number, lets you reply to the message, or view the message being replied to (if the message is a reply).

Posting Messages

To start a new discussion, click on the post button to the right of the forum name. Select which folder you'd like your new discussion to appear in, enter the subject, select a recipient if appropriate, and enter your message.

To reply to a message, click the arrow button on the right that appears at the top of each message. Change the addressee if desired and enter your message.

If you don't have any files to attach to your message, click the Post button (or Cancel button if you don't want to post your message). You'll get a alert telling you that your message has been posted. Click the Continue button to get back to the message board.

If you'd like to attach a file to your message, click the Attach button below the message. You'll be prompted to select a file to upload. When you see the tile indicating the file is ready for uploading, you can select additional files, or just click the Post button. Your files will then be uploaded.

Switching Between Mobile and Full Site Mode

If you are in mobile mode and want to view the full site, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Full Site" link. You'll be presented with three options:

  • Go to full site temporarily will keep you from being diverted to the mobile site for 24 hours
  • Go to full site permanently will keep you from being diverted to the mobile site permanently
  • Go back to mobile site will return you to the mobile page you were on
Note that the first two selections depend on browser cookies to retain your preference in the specific device you are using (it's not a general account preference). If you delete cookies, or have security settings that prevent them from being set, your selection will not be saved. Pages on the domain (as opposed to will always appear in mobile mode.

More Mobile Help

If you are have questions that aren't answered here, try our collection of mobile frequently asked questions. You can also view the video tour of Delphi Forums Mobile below.


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