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What do YOU think?   Ever want to voice an opinion?   Ever want to have your say?   Not afraid to have others challenge your views, in fact you welcome it?   This is your place!

Delphi's Most Active Current Events Forum

 This is the Opinion Forum where free speech is practiced and perfected where ideas come to flourish or die, it's up to you, but we want to know what YOU have to say, so 'bias' is expected and promoted! All opinions and views are welcome.

Recent post about the way this place is run got things right:

We disagree most of the time, but in the end you respect our right to say our views. The fact you've decided to rise above most forums and let us speak freely makes this forum an original.

 It  makes for more lively debates and better conversation. It also gives us a good birds eye view into the minds of those who think differently than us. We see points we would have never considered had we not argued here. In the end, irl, we're more informed than the average joe with a good roundabout view on the subject.

Where else do we rip each other to shreds, and then easily lay down our arms for a thread about music?

Even though we have very different views, we've come to a point where the civility is still there (mostly) when the thread requires it. We're comfortable with each other, despite our opposite views.  That's rare.

The Management

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Newbies & Lurkers Welcome Folder 
Anyone new to the forum, this folder is a flame free friendly place to introduce yourself and get started!  Unfortunately, a wait period has to be set up until a new member can post.  If you think that you have been caught up in our anti-troll (abusive poster) efforts unfairly (IE wait period/probation period), please mail us and we'll try to help.   

NOTE - Because of troll activities, we generally put all NEW nicks on Probation, where your posts must be approved for a time, joshjour is the one to contact for those issues.

We will not tolerate 'hijacking' of threads, especially in the first 30 posts.  These are posts which have nothing to do with the subject/topic in post 1 and are only posted to get a thread off topic or harass others, to spam.  This is taken even more seriously when the one who started the thread complains to us about it.   This activity can cause posters to stop starting threads all together.  

Adding this in for those that can't #$% read:

this is something most don't seem to grasp, it is the THREAD STARTER that really matters with the hijack rule

If the thread starter feels their thread is being hijacked and off subject they should contact us.  That is who really  matters, if the thread starter doesn't give a hoot (even participates in the off topic stuff) we don't care

Also - spamming of the same kind of post, especially one that is just namecalling, is not going to be allowed either.  Basically anyone trying to muck up the forum and deflect discussion needs to think about why they wish to post here or at any forum at all.   This is supposed to be fun, let's keep it real.

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All managers and editors can be contacted through their profiles and are here to help!

All new nicks to the forum will be on probation, this is necessary due to trolls (troublemakers), we'll get you off as soon as possible.

Click Here for rules, folder descriptions etc.

Refer people that do NOT follow the rules to the staff - don't attempt to 'handle them yourselves' then complain later if you get in trouble for what you post.  We try to monitor it all but we can not, and if we happen to see a post of yours against the rules then you may get sanctioned and feel it was 'unfair.' 

Please note that it may take a day or two for one single staff member to reply to you as we are not on 24/7.  If you don't get a reply after such time, please mail another.  We need to be able to contact you, for this reason you can not have forum staff on 'ignore'...


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